Under The Weather

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Started on this earlier today starting with just this great illustration by @em trong and after i made a loop with rain drops and clouds and eye and mouth movements i checked the read it aloud challenge to see if there was anything rainy for a VO and how perfect it was that the lovely @Ines_Reis had done a read it aloud of something silly she wrote a while back and i fell in love with it and i thought it would work perfectly for this animation so I gathered up some more textures for the wood of what is supposed to be the top of her dresser cabinet and a few more for a better background and to texture the clouds some... and also added a frog and did a quick mouth movement so that it could speak for @Ines_Reis I did a lot of this in after effects but the intro and outro I did in iMovie Ive attached the core animation in the form of a .AEP file so feel free to play with that and give this a totally new voice over or whatever you would want to do with it... hope you enjoy <3

Created: May 29, 2017

Tags: animation, short film, em trong, ines_reis, read it aloud, tv, static, bumper, kaleblybecker, weather, under the weather, what to wear, clothes, wardrobe, umbrella, shitty weather, rain, rainy weather, wet, clouds, frog, rant

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