The Hermit

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You shouldn't wear that out. You'll get stared at. 

             But I want to be proud of the body I've been given. I won't be beautiful forever. 

If you wear it, people will think you're asking for it.

             Why can't I live in a world where I'm comfortable with my own sexuality, in my own body?

You see that guy staring at you like meat with hungry eyes? It's because the skirt you're wearing is too short. 

              I couldn't find anything else to wear out with my friends tonight. They all dressed up sexy. I didn't want to stick out in a bad way. 

Now look. You're only three drinks in and you're absolutely hammered.

              I'm trying to have some fun and forget about the pain of the past few years.


Well, would you look at that. On the floor in your own vomit. This is what you get when you dress like a slut.

              How was I supposed to know that guy was a predator drugging drinks?

You should have listened to that voice that told you not to wear it because you'd be asking for it.

             Should I ever go out anywhere again? Whatever I wear, wherever I go, there's always someone watching.

Didn't you learn anything from the last time you wore yoga pants? 

              No, I'm determined to break this mold. I'm a powerful independent female and I won't be defined by this passively oppressive patriarchal society. I'm not a sexual object. I'm not the things I hear them say about me. 

Oh, whaddaya know. Hanging out with another guy again. 

                 Yeah, well, I trust this one. He pretends to flirt but he'd never cross the line. I know better. I don't get along with most girls... it just gets weird. You know this.

Seriously? Drinking again too? I thought this morning's slushie upheaval would teach you something. 

                  Just stop. I've been so stressed out. Please. 

You're losing control. You need to stop. 

                  Just shut up. 


                  What happened?

What did I tell you? You can't trust anyone. 

                  Oh my god, what happened?

He's not your friend. Stop lying to yourself.

                   Why didn't I just listen to you?

Because I am pessimism. You want to believe you can be really free. But I know better. 


Created: May 29, 2017


Ambeezy93 Document Media