HauntedHighRise_Ep9. (Ascend from Descent)

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MR GRIM and JOE walk up the stairs

A lot.

MR GRIM: Mind your balance. 

JOE: Dude, it's stairs and um, you can talk? 

MR GRIM: I like to save my limited breath in your realm. I may live here but it's catered to my needs. 

JOE: Where? 

MR GRIM : That's private. All I shall say is proceed with caution. I will speak no more. 

JOE drudges upwards, trying to go fast but failing. 

As he goes up we briefly see teases of the occupants of these lower levels. Mummies with caskets strewn in the corridor, werewolf bros having a hall party... and a floor of zombies. 

A fist thuds against a window near to JOE. ZOMBIE faces appear. 

ZOMBIE #1: Hey! Check your privilege, mam! 

ZOMBIE #2: Don't look at us like we're trash! 

JOE hurries on. 

FLOOR MINUS 1, a sign reads.

JOE: Nearly there! I mean nearly back at the start then thirteen more floors to go!

JOE  round the corner. 

Eyes on his watch for a second and trips. 

His face smashes into the mixture of cement and moss that runs underfoot.

He whips his head around and sees a ginger tomcat. 

JOE backs up away in a reverse crab motion, eyes not leaving the cat. 

It's eyes narrow and it's canines begin to elongate. 

The body begins to grow bigger.

JOE turns, grabs his bag and runs.

Behind him he hears the flea collar snap off and break a tile



JOE peers into the lobby for a moment to check the scene, then runs back up the stairs again.



A wind howls down the stairs as JOE heads up. He battles with the blustery conditions as residents walk past nonchalantly.

Making his way up the steps start to slowly disintegrate.

It was happening faster.

He begins to run.

 A flat section falls away below him.

He grabs for something but there is nothing.

His legs dangle.

JOE : Mind your balance., he said 

Below is a swirling portal, he was between dimensions.

He slips further until he is almost sucked all the way down.

Then he begins to fall -

Where would he land? 

Suddenly he feels a bungee like rope wrap around him, he springs up.


He glances down and sees Jilly there, smiling with her daughter in a tough action pose. 


And lands. 

He reads a sign. 


Created: Jun 03, 2017

Tags: script, fiction, story, haunted high-rise, horror, comedy

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