The Stag And The Wolf - WWC 129

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I am the king of the forest.

I have a crown and walk with poise.

These lands are my home.

I protect my people,

While we bask in the glory of the sun.

I sing the song of the moon.

I control your people.

As a shadow,

My pack and I are one.

I am at peace with the forest.

The grass is soft beneath my hooves.

My antlers entangle with branches.

The mist of the morning,

Matches my breath in the air.

The stones of my den are solid.

My fur shines like the river at night.

My family is strong,

The roots that keep me standing.

I am afraid of the forest.

Did you hear that sound?

Is that you or something worse?

I am a prized target,

For the would be emperors.

I must teach my child to survive.

Do you smell it on the wind?

A larger violence is coming,

To separate us from our bones.

I am the forest.

Created: May 28, 2017

Tags: poetry

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