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There are many different ways we can organise a Project on HitRECord and that’s one of the appeals of the site, that we’re not a one-size-fits-all kind of place. This then is just one suggested way to develop a script. Where possible, I’ve tried to offer examples of where these steps have previously been used to good effect. Would love to hear what people think of this and if you have any other examples of ‘good practice’ please share them with everyone in the Comments <3

1. Invite Contributions From The Community

An initial request with clearly defined parameters which will be sometimes narrow, sometimes wide (e.g. Please submit a two-sentence logline for a 2-4 minute animated mock-umentary about the Loch Ness Monster)

2. Invite The Community To Give Feedback On Contributions To The Challenge

This is an opportunity to take on board the Community's ideas about which specific ideas should be developed further before making a final decision.

3. Choose an Idea(s)

This will likely be an off-line discussion between the Staff and maybe including assigned Curators. The process could however be opened up as was done when choosing topics for the Hot Button.

4. Communicate To The Community The Chosen Idea(s) Along With Editorial Notes and Invite Feedback From The Community

At this stage the Staff/Assigned Curators will outline the direction they believe the script will go in, but this is not yet set in stone and at this stage the Community would have an opportunity to feedback any reservations/improvements they have about the proposed direction before the Project is progressed further.

5. Decide On Future Direction Of Project 

Based on the Community Feedback given in Stage 4, a decision is made on the precise direction the Project will take going forwards. As for Stage 3, this could be an off-line discussion between the Staff (and maybe assigned Curators) or it could be broadcast live via Facebook.

6. Release a Script Outline with Specific Directions for the Community to consider when contributing scripts

At this stage, the directions should be quite precise to focus the Community to come together to write the script using a common outline (and keep going off on different tangents to a minimum).

7. Interact With The Community As They Contribute Scripts

It's important that the Project Team lead the discussion and respond in a timely fashion to new Contributions & Comments so that momentum is maintained and a spirit of 'Team Writing' can be fostered whilst the Challenge is open.

8. Review Contributions & Comments And Produce A First Draft With Attached Editorial Notes

When the Challenge has closed the Project Team should work fast to get a First Draft (with Notes) onto the site so as to maintain the momentum generated for the Project.

9. Interact With The Community As They Rewrite Scripts

As in Stage 7, it is important for the Project Team to be actively involved in the rewriting process and not to simply sit back and wait for contributions to come in. Community Writers want feedback so they can contribute, remix and polish or start afresh and they should be given maximum opportunity and encouragement to do so.

10. Repeat This Process Until The Script Is Ready To Be Locked. Prior To Locking, Release This Script To The Community For Final Feedback

This section is necessarily flexible as, depending on the project, a script may need only a couple of drafts or, in some cases, several more.

11 Lock Script And Move To Next Stage Of Production

At the end it will always be a Staff decision to sign-off on a locked script and move to the next phase of Production. There is, however, always the possibility that, due to production issues, the Script will need further changes to it.

Created: May 29, 2017

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