My City

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What are you doing
In my country
My city
My street
How is it I find you
Back against the bricks
Of my neighbors fence
Cigarette shouldering between your mustard coloured fingertips.
When did you start smoking?
When did I stop
You reply
A face so familiar
But who you were is dead inside
Why are you here?
Through trembling lips
I stutter
To see you
To speak
To find the answers we both seek
Why couldn't you simply
Return my calls
Text messages
Facetimes gone unanswered
Why turn up here
At my safehouse
Banging at my locked doors
That barricade me behind
Invisible walls
That have hidden me
From what you bring forth
Within and between us
It's waited through the dark
Of moonless damp nights
And now you are here
To shine lights
Fuel flames
Burn bridges
Or build them
What are you doing here
In my country
My city
My street
Is it forgiveness you're searching for?
I can't help you with that
I live with my own regrets
I wish we didn't meet

Created: May 28, 2017


AnnaSaywell Document Media