Bucket List- 5 Things

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1. Continue to be able to travel and make new discoveries.. ( well some might think it's two, but goes hand in hand ).

2. Cliff dive off  the coast of Greece.! It's so beautiful and amazingly fun.

3. Kiss a stranger on the balcony of a very beautiful hotel in the South of France .

4. Find a person to share my life with , take me as I am ( not a easy task) Life is short, as is precious.

5. To always see the beauty in everything and everyone, as we are all perfectly imperfect ( well I think, could be wrong )

Maybe this is not my total list, but it's what I'll share with the world .... I hope to complete them all :)

Created: May 28, 2017

Tags: bucket list, 5 things, all are possible, positivity, non-fiction, kimmarieespi51

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