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What does being alive feel?

Life is a beautiful thing.

Life is so unfair.

Being surrounded by exciting surprises, different lives that revolve,

Everything happens for a reason. Like a domino chain you can't escape, eventually, falling.

Someone told me to "live the life you deserve." And that's how we should live really.

We are in a world where there are people lucky enough, and those who are not.

Each day, a new adventure awaits, and its like a new page opened.

Waking up, feeling like not waking up at all, dreading for time to pass another day.

There would be days that a new character comes into your life and you can't just resist sharing the story you live,

Sometimes I'd wish to talk about my thoughts and opinions and then shut it because they never mattered, not like there's anyone to talk to anyways.

Walking back home with a new story to tell is one of a kind experience.

It felt sickening calling a piece of concrete home. Its the feeling of another day passing like a routine.

Life is such an amazing experience!

I wish I was dead.

Created: May 28, 2017


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