Sanity in insanity

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I see the cheerful smiles of children on the street

The faces of adults filled with hatred and disgust

I walk along the road guarded by cherry trees

The agonising scream of flowers burning in the sun.

 I lay my eyes on flowers, I inspire the perfume

 While I expire the cancer of  lilies smelling of regret

 I hop on my bike, to savour the beauty of the hills

Just to fall, with dust touching my skin.

I hear the laughter, the warm colour of red pumping through my veins.

The red is turning dark and blood starts dripping on my knees.

I see the blue sky above my head, clear crystal blue

Some planes are coughing smoke, it's grey.

The birds in nests, they feed the little ones, how beautiful they are

I push my hand to contour their necks, a crack is heard and sounds of death.

The dance of leaves, they move me as they spin

I take my lighter and burn all the remains.

The beauty of creation

The horrible existence

The innocence of nature

The vile nature of men

A flower from a little boy, a gift from him to her

A knife piercing the heart, a sin to pay his debt

The simple things that make you feel alive

The larger picture that makes you feel irrelevant.

Created: May 27, 2017


DarkDays Document Media