Foolish Child

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"Are you once again getting onto my case? I am a grown woman, I can drink all I like. I wish you died when your brother died. Oh, you didn't know? Your father never told you? When I found out I was pregnant, I didn't tell your father and begged him to take me skiing. I fell on purpose to try and lose you. How could I be expected to love a child from that filthy man? Couldn't lose you though, your brother was dead at birth and you were expected to die before the first year. I started abandoning you at home before your cord even fell off. Just strap you in your car seat, turn off the heat, and leave you in the cold house all by yourself for days as your father was deployed. That didn't work and your father became more protective of you so he moved us to this miserable state. I stopped feeding you other than when he was home and most of the time, I would lie and say you already ate just before he got home from work. The idiot believed me. Stubborn worthless thing you were, you persisted to live... like some sort of weed. When your father left me, I was delighted to be rid of you. I never wanted children. All I had to do was pay support, why should I support a mistake? He then forced me to play 'Mommy' to you. So I got the brilliant idea, I have a lot of friends who have no morals, one of them can fix you good. So I planned the party, these men could dispose of you and maybe your dad could get the blame. I don't know how you got wise to the idea, I didn't think you knew anything about the desires of men but you locked the door and ruined the party. All they would had to do was drag your fat little body away, ruin and destroy you, and I would be free as a bird. Wouldn't that have just destroyed your Daddy? Oh, stop your sniveling, you pathetic sow. You tell me you tried to kill yourself. Foolish child, I have been trying to kill you since you were born. Why would I shed a tear or cry if you die? Now, be a good girl and make me another drink."

Created: May 27, 2017


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