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I have to work.

I want to play.

I'm up by five.

I sleep all day.

I drink my coffee.

I take my pills.

I pay my rent.

Mom pays my bills.

You should get a job.

You're too uptight.

Just cause' you old don't make you right.

My taxes support your lazy ass.

That's great but I still need ten for gas.

Don't you have any self-respect?

Just waiting on a government check...

I'm depressed you damn insensitive dick.

It's not my fault I feel so fucking sick.

I'll never get your generation.

Your whole life's one big paid vacation.

Wasting time on Xbox and Playstation.

No concern for this once great nation.

Back off Pops, you don't know my sitch.

Your only goal is getting rich.

One of these days I'll find my niche.

I was just born into this world, but you created it, bitch.

Created: May 27, 2017


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