My Top 5 Pending Tasks

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1. To generate my own comic series for senior citizens residing in old age homes. An artist living inside me keeps prodding me to produce something like that.  And I also think it will be my kind of "Repaying"  for their marvelous services to us.

2. To be a motivational speaker for all age groups and share my freaking inspirational ideas/stories with all those who think they have lost hope.

3. Travel the world (excluding all the fancy malls though.) Since I am  a nature lover and a people person, I definitely call travelling to be my thing.

4. To eliminate the hypocritic professionalism and replace it with mere honesty. I always wanted to make people understand how wonderful it feels to remain simple in your dealings and just be yourself.

5. To write a bestselling book. Because words have power.

Created: May 26, 2017


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