Clone wars

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Turning back inside the room you stand over your doppelganger and pull the pitchfork out of its side. "Who are you?" you ask. "I'm you,' it responds in a robotic voice not looking at you in the eyes, 'and I've come to kill you." "Who sent you? Tell me!" you scream as you point the pitchfork down at its chest. "I can't tell you that," it responds. At that you hit the clone in the head with the pitchfork, it turns robotically and comes to face you. "Papa?" it asks. At that moment you stab the clone in the throat and it begins to gurgle and choke on its own blood. 'It seemed so much like a robot but it has real human blood,' you think. At that you...

Crouch down and begin to examine the clone turn to page 74

Leave the room and don't look back turn to page 97

Created: May 25, 2017


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