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SHISH the government in all of this, 

tempt the bids, retard her power over

this fighter of bliss and awkwardness. 

I love it, tempt me, because I can be 

the one that cleans your face up real

quick and I know brashly my feelings

are and it comes out scary politely. 

I have nothing to offer and I'm not 

asking for anything clearly to just 

stop digging into something left

in this pile of nothing. I forget one

minute to the last like a narcoleptic

wish i had that , would of rammed in 

a tree . End . But no that happened to 

my man , letting the officer act like 

that , it's gets worse, no authority 

cares and still angry, well it's like a tie

up everything, you can't do anything about. 

brag about it, keep her tainted in believing

he's the one and only, that train crashed

and blew the fuck up . I watched with 

fireworks dissipating from the skies. 

Who understands this whole thing

of condescending playing on a girl , 

that knew nothing of this security breach.

Created: May 25, 2017


Gilliano Document Media