Get Real

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Words are so dangerous and I am in love with it,

getting away with things when you were younger 

and enraged, never appeared too clearly, I got 

lost in the century of dreamland time, everything

became a story line and if i got angry they would

see it covered with lies. Keep hiding away and 

sometimes trusting others to stay, helplessness

never got to me really, just the epitome of everyones

lack of humility trying to dig into me like a spear, 

wondering what's wrong with this whole stance. 

She is so shy she can't breath around anything, 

funny because if you tend to judge me in the 

wrong vibe , i can read your dismissiveness 

of the whole world and how they treated me , 

some good but mostly bad memories I've 

kept to get high off misery. Im darkened , 

no one likes it , get over it, what if i don't 

want to leave this place , in hopes for 

some Schmucky existence in this life, 

everyones smiling but faking the best

parts of their real doubts. They just plan

the attacks, because they know how to 

work the world in harmony , even if they 

gossip behind closed doors without the 

security listening into their brashly woven

conversation and dirty laundry of a poor 

 one they always sit with at lunch. The worst

doesn't sit well enough, so do something

worth tainting another to keep the control around. 

Created: May 25, 2017


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