Dazed and Bored

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To paint a picture for  you, I am a 36 year old woman with ADD, working as a cashier at a high-end furniture store.  I always have something to do at home, and any other job I have worked at.  Being married and raising two girls, there is always something to do.  So this stand still and be ready to help people coming in is new to me.

While working at this furniture store, I am allowed to walk maybe five to ten feet away from the checkout counter, clean my area, and greet customers.  During the week, I work in the mornings, and usually business is slow.  So after I have dusted, wiped down the counters, checked to make sure bags are restocked, there is not much to do.  We are not allowed our cell phones, or to be on the internet.  The only website allowed is the website of the store itself.  I know what you are thinking, well at least you can get on that website and browse.  No, it is all of two pages, and there are no prices on it, the reason, so people will come in.  Not much to really browse.

My weekday mornings are long.  The cashier's counter is in the very front of the store in front of the big, sliding glass doors.  So ,when we do not have any customers walking in for at least an hour of opening, I start to get fidgety.  The sales people are in the back, doing what they do. I am alone and have everything done that I can get done, within the first fifteen minutes.   Me staring out the window trying to keep myself from doodling, writing....the list goes on.  So I watch the semi empty parking lot, and thats when random scenarios enter my head. 

As a woman drives by in a red Audi.  She has long black hair and from what I can tell super long fingernails. I named her Bessie.  Scenario:  Bessie left the nail salon feeling happy about her new manicure.  She had the ladies put on extra long tips, in order for to be able to poke people as she walked by them when shopping.  She is married to a very rich man, who is old and is on his last leg.  She, in the meantime, praises him with kisses and a little pat on the head.  Accepting his black American Express Card, and his orders to spend as much money as she can.  Her hair is dark brown, but it is not dark enough so she has the ladies dye it black, and then complains when it is too black, just to give them hell.  

My thoughts are interrupted when a manager asks if we have any customers in the store.  Of course my answer is no.  I am left alone again to stare out the window.  This time I see a family of geese crossing the parking lot.  Looks like the mom in front, three little ones behind her and the dad in the back.  I begin to silently cheer them on as they cross this parking lot, which is now starting to get busy, (still no customers) hoping they will not get hit by the gigantic trucks and Tahoes that are speeding through.  I try not to jump up and down, and clap my hands when I see that they were able to make the length of the parking lot.  They are trying to get to the lake behind the shopping center, so they are up on the sidewalk in front of the windows of the store.  I don't realize at the time that I am drifting away from my area to watch them waddle along.  I am still cheering them on, as they seem to have no fear of anything, just on a mission to get to the lake.  

My face is nearly pressed against the glass, when I hear, "What are you doing?"  

I whip around and I thankful see that is one of my coworkers who is a little older.  I told her about the geese and she joins me to see them walk around the corner.

By this time, two hours have crept by, and still no one has come through the door.  I am back at my counter, and I start counting the rugs in the rug stack.  That is when I notice all of the dust bunnies around the rug stacks.  I hate dust bunnies, literally hate them.  I grab the swiffer to sweep them up.  Walk back the counter and start counting rugs again.  More dust bunnies, for real?  If I could I would vacuum them, however I cannot do that at the time.  I swiffer again, and again, and the damn dust bunnies are like real bunnies.  They just multiply!

Suddenly, I hear the glass doors slide open.  I look over, and a customer has walked.  Oh my God!!!  Finally!

Created: May 25, 2017


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