The Two Voices That Everyone Has

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The two voices that everyone feels:


Who are you?

I am me and you are you!

Why are you so happy?

Everything is so wonderful!

Is everything great?

Life is full of wonder and fun!

Why do you think life is so wonderful?

Life is full of great surprises!

Will there be any good surprises in life?

Yes, waking up everyday brings on a new surprise and that is good!

What is so great about waking up in the morning, if it never brings anything good?

That is the thing you cease to understand, life gives you some bad days and some good days, you have to accept it and look on the bright side!

Why do I not understand this, why do I view things so negatively, why do we get good and bad days?

Both sides cannot understand the others point of view, but both of them are correct, depending on who is reading it

Created: May 24, 2017


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