Five Things To Do

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1.  Make my city's rep Roller Derby team.  Admittedly a bit mid-life crisis-y, but I've always had it in me to be that tough.  Now I'm brave enough.  And I'm fast.  And my crossovers are decent.

2.  Perfect the from-scratch sourdough loaf.  Oh, to be able to do a baguette - a proper baguette - at home!  

3.  Raise my boys to be men I would want to hang out with.

4. Travel with my man the way we always talked about - tramping about in wildish places and then finding somewhere to sit with a book and something good to drink.

5.  Write.  You know, and get paid for it.  I deliver babies for a living, and scribble things down while waiting for those lovely creatures to arrive.  But, imagine:  getting up (no pager going off), pouring a coffee, settling down at a desk over looking my garden, and typing away not feeling like I'm decadently avoiding real life.....

Created: May 24, 2017

Tags: wishes, want, bucket list

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