Matts Last Song...

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Crush a little of this, mix with a little of that. Uppers for the kick, opiates for the high. Let's add some mescaline and some ketamine for some extra fun. "Potion" was born. The first line lasted a lifetime, and ended another's.

I can still hear the ringing in my ears from the speakers at the club 18 years ago. The strobing black lights and the rainbows of glow sticks will forever be instilled as a kaleidoscope in my mind. But the color I can't get out of my head was that of crimson, dripping out of my friends eyes and nose as he fell to the floor.

Lifeless in my arms, the music had stopped. The house lights came on as the screams echoed around the dance floor. Those eyes, those bloodshot eyes, they still haunt me to this day. I see them everywhere, piercing through me, damning my soul for what I had done. I stopped the music in more ways than one.

Why did I sneak out that night? Why couldn't I have just stayed at home? Why wasn't I the one, dead on the floor? I was the mad scientist, trying to enhance the fun. I keep telling myself, he supplied the bullets, but I gave him the gun.

Created: May 24, 2017


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