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For a book, I'm struggling to decide between 'Outlander' and 'Desert Island Survival for Dummies'. A crash course might keep me alive, but a lack of entertainment might make life feel a little less than worth living.

The one person I think I could stand being stranded alone with would be Neil. My soul mate. We're like yin and yang. I'm earth and water, he's air and fire. I'll keep him grounded while he lightens my mood. I'll mind our safety and comfort while he takes the risks necessary to get us UNstranded. We'd be a good old fashioned hunter/gatherer pair. 

A pocket knife would be handy. Okay, it's a pretty obvious choice, but what other tool would you really need if you had it?

I'm a rather modest, conservative dresser, so the thought of only having a single item of clothing gives me the shivers. I'd want something to cover me properly and protect my skin from the sun, and the cold at night. Can I just have a blanket instead of clothing? I could make that work.

To choose any particular music is difficult for me, since I love pretty much all of it, and what I want to hear depends entirely on my mood. Can I just take my entire Spotify library? Okay, maybe that's asking a bit much... Josh Pyke has a soothing style, and has lyrics to suit all my moods. Maybe I could stand to be stuck listening to him for a prolonged period of time...

Created: May 24, 2017

Tags: stranded, desert island, writing, essay, hypothetical

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