While you have been sleeping

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Last night’s dreams
are blending with
the night before’s
I am living in them, now,
darling!  Dream caresses
ignite!  Dream deaths
awe and snap back
into dream births
and dream dreams
back back back
into dream conception
and once more,
it come come comes
until she moans-cries
“Heaven!  Heaven!”
And it is begun, finally!
While you have been
sleeping, I have been
working at this, per-
fecting it on the sly,
slicing, peeling back,
eyeballing, jerking out,
clamoring, begging,
desiring, getting,
breaking, bawling,
destroying, and all
while you rest rest,
remain at rest,
I have something, I’ll have
by the time I’m
through, I assure you,
and what will you?
will you see then, what
I have been meaning?

Created: Jan 27, 2011


amysz Document Media