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        You run off into the darkness, trying to find a place to hide. Before long you find an alcove that you hide in. In the darkness you hear a loud clang. The sound of what appears to be a shotgun going off. Another clang is heard, and a conveyor belt starts to move by, meat hooks swaying. Then, you stare as a huge, hulking man walks by. An orange bandanna on his head, and a banana in in his hand. "Hey Maurice, you remember where we put the captive?" He says spraying banana everywhere.

       "No, was I supposed to? I thought it was your day to be on interrogation?"

      "No, it was your day, you lost the bet yesterday, remember?"

      "Oh crap, it was my day. . .I'm sure the captive is still there, no one ever escapes. I'll go get the fingernail remover, and we can begin the interrogation."

      "I'll grab the battery and wires"

       Maurice and the other man walk off. You can't remember why you are here. But you know if you stay, you could risk running into the two men, or worse.

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Created: May 23, 2017


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