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Book: Does A Song of Ice and Fire count as one book? If not I'll just bring The World of Ice and Fire.  You don't know how long you'll be stranded, so you want something long to keep you going.

Person: My Dad.  He always seems to know what to do and remains calm in a crisis so he would be able to come up with a plan.  Plus he's seen Castaway.  You would hope whoever you were stranded with had seen Castaway.

Tool:  A sword.  You want a knife of some sort, and I've always just wanted a sword.

Clothing: My 'questing' boots.  Hardy yet comfortable.  Needed when travelling through jungles or climbing rocks.

Music: The Hamilton Soundtrack.  Long and upbeat to keep morale up.  I'll have Dad singing 'I'm young, scrappy and hungry...' yet.

Created: May 23, 2017

Tags: essay, non-fiction, stranded, five things, desert island, book, person, tool, clothing, music

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