Stranded (Desert Island)

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1. Book of Choice -- "Complete Idiot's Guide to Surviving Anything" by Patrick Sauer.  Hopefully it would  give me some insight on survival because I don't think what I learned in Girl Guides 25+ years ago is going to cut it. 

2. Person Stranded With Me -- Bear Grylls or the guy from Survivor Man.  I wouldn't want one of my family members or friends stranded with me because we would never have a chance at survival.  It would be the blind leading the blind.  Instead, I'd want someone who could get us off the damn island so I could get back to my husband and kids. 

3. One tool -- Swiss Army Knife.  It technically is one tool, it just houses many tools within itself. 

4. One article of clothing -- Emergency Blanket.  Aids in warmth and can be used as an emergency signal because it's so shiny.  I'm assuming for everyone's sake that I was already fully clothed upon becoming stranded. 

5.  Background Music --  Anything classical.  Classical music is often used to warn of impending doom.  It may be a nice heads-up to avoid potential danger. 

Created: May 23, 2017


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