A Good Book E9 Draft // HF REMIX

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READER: Finished!

BOOK: Finished? You’re tossing me aside, just like that?


BOOK: I thought you loved me.


BOOK: Couldn't keep your hands off me. Tease me just a bit longer, reveal just a bit more.


BOOK: Climax didn't thrill you enough?

READER: It did, it was really ...

BOOK: There’s another book you want to thumb through, isn't there?

READER: Well …

BOOK: I knew it! All the time I thought I had your full attention you’ve had your nose buried deep inside a bloody shelf-full! How could you?

READER: I may have skimmed a few pages here and there, but that's all.

BOOK: Just tell me why you need more than one? Why I'm not enough for you?

READER: No one sticks with just one book!

BOOK: Go on then, what's its name, this … this … page turner!

READER: There isn't a ‘one’! I’m ... I'm still browsing.

BOOK: Liar! I know you've already relocated your bookmark to a newer edition. Well, I wonder if it has a plot twist as good as this. I’ve also started a new relationship with someone.

READER: What? So soon? With who?

BOOK: Your Mom.


BOOK: She wants to take me with her on vacation...

READER: But you’re not her type!

BOOK: She said she was tired of dating losers and just wanted to crawl in bed with a good book...

READER: Stop it.

BOOK: She won't be able to put me down. I'll keep her up all night. She'll read me and read me and READ ME ...

READER: Please! Stop it!

BOOK: Oh, but I thought you were done with me. What do you care?

READER: Listen, I take it all back. I still want you.

BOOK: Sorree! Too late now.

READER: No, I'm sorry. I … I can't lose you. You're mine. Remember when I took you everywhere? To the beach, to restaurants, to the coffee shop ... You were all I talked about. I lost myself in you completely. We could do that again. It's not the end, it's just the next chapter. Come on, let me take you home, I'll get your jacket.

BOOK: Okay. One condition.

READER: Anything.

BOOK: Recommend me to your friends.

The End

Created: May 23, 2017


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