Bucket List

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1. Finish reading those books i set out to read that one time. i don't like breaking my own promises to myself, it defeats the whole purpose.

2. Stop the fear of being out of work and not being able to support myself. Because if i wasn't so fearful of losing my job, i'd actually suck less.

3. Stop fear, not immediate danger fear but stuff like 'I'm afraid of being unsuccessful'. Well, I have noticed that when I'm scared to do something that usually means that I'm over-thinking it and over-thinking things usually means that i won't do it so well or won't try at all.

4. Write a book. It doesn't have to be published but i think i just need to finish a thought in over 200 pages at some point. At-least that's how i will start before i get published or not.

5. Get a place in a very remote part of the world (already in a relatively remote part of the world), get huge dogs and other animals and live there by the time I'm 30/45/50/60/65 depending on how well my planning skills are. I don't have a reason, i just like it when I'm alone.

Created: May 23, 2017


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