Be/Not Be

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After he had lost his father, the guy who was running the place, he knew he would have to get even. His father came to him at night and told him he had to do it. And the guy he had to get even with was his uncle, who was going to marry his mom. It took him a long time to get even because he just couldn't make up his mind. He pretended to be crazy and had nearly every one believing him. He drove his girlfriend crazy too until she jumped in the water and died. That made him even more sad until he spent half the time talking to himself. Finally he decided it was time to put on a play and try to drive his uncle and his mom mad too and make them admit their wrongs.

His uncle thought he would finally be able to get him out of the way, but instead he turned the tables on his uncle, and his uncle was eventually dead, along with nearly every one else. After a big fight, finally he died as well, but only after talking to himself some more and putting it all off until the very end.

Created: May 23, 2017


MikeCohn Document Media