Bucket List

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In no particular order...

1. Visit Faial Island in Portugal - My family is from here. I've heard countless stories about what an amazing woman my great-grandmother was, and this is the island she immigrated from. I'd love to stand where she once stood.

2. Adopt a child - I've always wanted a family someday when I'm older, but even more so than that, I've always wanted to adopt. I love the idea of creating a home for a child without one.

3. Become bilingual - I know conversational Spanish and I'm learning some Italian, but I'd love to actually be completely fluent in at least one language besides English. It feels embarrassingly American to only know English.

4. Create an art installation - I've had a couple ideas brewing for a while. It'd feel really fulfilling to someday make them an actual, tangible reality.

5. Successfully keep a plant alive - This one's silly. But unfortunately serious...

Created: May 22, 2017


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