Choose Your Own Adventure

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You're falling down a dark, narrow cavern. Darkness is the the only thing you can see ahead of you. Your arms and legs scrape the rock and you start spinning out of control. Suddenly, you see a small purple light fast approaching below you and you seem to detect the faint smell of peaches. There's nothing you can do but brace yourself for impact. The light grows as you plummet ever faster towards it. You hold your breath and close your eyes, expecting to be smacked into the ground, but the collision doesn't come. You don't feel like you're falling anymore but, rather, floating. Slowly, you open each eye, afraid of what you might see. You seem to have been lurched into another dimension. It looks like outer space, but feels less cold and empty. You feel life all around you, but all you see are purple stars and two giant planets, one to your left and your right. You're able to use your arms and legs to swim through the air. But, where do you go next? You look behind you and the cavern from which you fell has disappeared. It would make the most sense to travel towards one of the two planets. The one on your left looks like a giant, delicious peach. That would explain the peach smell. The one on the right resembles a skull, black and red with smoke rising from its surface. Which planet do you travel to? If you travel to the Peach Planet, go to page 10. If you travel to the Skull Planet, go to page 15. 

Created: May 22, 2017


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