Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Book

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You wake up and find yourself stranded inside an abandoned slaughterhouse. You try to get up but realize your legs and hands are tied to a chair. The room is lit by a single candle and you can only see one black doorway that leads out of the room. You continue to look around, but the candle light is not very bright. In the distance you hear footsteps. They are drawing closer and you realize that you do not have much time. You quickly try and think of any ways to get yourself out of the chair. You try squeezing your hands out of the rope, but they won't budge. Terrified, you begin to cry. The footsteps draw closer and you think that you can break the chair by rocking back and forth. You fall over and the legs break of and your legs are freed. You have two options: run out of the room and try and find an exit or hide in the darkness of the room. What will you choose? Go to page 2 if you choose to run. Go to page 3 if you hide.

Page 2: You decide to run. You quickly lift yourself from the ground and run out of the room. You come across two rooms. The first room has a bed inside and the second is what looks like a locker room. Where do you choose to hide? Go to page 4 if you choose to hide under  the bed. Go to page 5 if you choose to hide in one of the lockers.

Page 3: You decide to hide in the darkness of the room. You hear the footsteps get closer and closer. Eventually the person enters the room. You hear grunting and begin to shake. All of a sudden, the person switches the light on and you are discovered. YOU ARE DEAD

Created: May 22, 2017


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