Spying on the Reds

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     Seventy thousand feet in the air, you and your copilot sit at the seats of your SR-71 Blackbird spy plane.  Far below lies the land of the Reds, Soviet Russia.  Taking pictures from your aerial camera, you are aiding in the effort towards ending this Cold War.  It is imperious that these pictures make it back to the States.  Suddenly the dash flashes bright red as the missile alert icon comes on, and you see the trails of an incoming SAM missile a few thousand feet below.  You try to avoid it, but the missile hits, killing your copilot.  You now have a choice.  Do you try to keep the plane flying until the extinguishers allow you to return to autopilot, or do you bail with the camera now, and parachute to Earth.

If you keep flying the plane, turn to Page 43

If you bail with the camera, turn to Page 14

Created: May 22, 2017


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