Life feeds on life feeds on This

By theraven1712

I didn’t wanted to be back. I do not need anyone anymore nor nobody needs me. Cannot understand where this mess comes from, but I can not avoid the feeling that everything is my fault. My life its just a big screw up. You forgot me again. You forgot me with all my dreams, standing by the highway, waving to the passing cars. I couldn’t understand. Still cant. My heart is split. Right in two. No one can say, why I have done the things that I did. But I am Sorry. This life found my path. Cants stay here no more. Cant go back nor forth. Let the soil beneath me swallow me an send me to never ever land. Let me go. All of you. Please let me go. Cant take this anymore. This is suffocating me..

Life feeds on life feeds on This

Created: Jan 23, 2010


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