When BFF is an Understatement!

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My best friend? This person right here. Seven long years of friendship and still going strong for one reason - he lets me be the best me I can possibly be! I've grown. I've learned. I've come out of my cocoon because of my best friend. Outside of family, he is the only one who doesn't just accept me the way I am, but let's me be me. Always encouraging. Always supportive. I can truly say that without this BFF in my life, I wouldn't be who I am today! Oddly enough we are poles apart - our taste in music, food, activities, even the people we like are not even similar and YET we've bonded over the craziest things - the things that really matter in life - that's when you know your bond is strong :) Oh and side note. This was our first vacation together - took us 6 years to finally plan one!

Created: May 22, 2017


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