Time (Champuru Mix #28)

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I'm a sucker for dark minor string samples...

Also, I feel like I don't have time for anything anymore. So I wrote down some random thoughts.

There's room for another verse (or a whole new verse/hook, not sold on mine at all)!

84 bpm


Stems up!



Time, its a crime when I can't find time

Time, when these words fill up my mind

Time, it takes a lot to give yourself a life-line

Time, I need more, but there's not enough to make mine

BAE Verse:

Where can I find the time to write lines that fill up my mind

maybe it's a sign of the times to be behind the battle lines of these truth war crimes and be caught up in the vines

Time is a blessing to be bought at the moment of distraught or be heard confessing that it's a burden of thought but that I ought not get caught in that trap of fears or get blindsided right between the ears

In a moment of fear let my weaknesses overcome by tears through the stress of years on myself and my doubts become clear

I don't have what it takes to make or break it aches when I forsake the need my body telling me to quit if I can't get on the take

Sometimes I'm just tired of it all but I can't fall the ones depending on me need me to give them my all

Created: May 21, 2017

Tags: champuru mix 28, champuru/champloo, hip-hop, time, not enough time, remix

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