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I was 24 years old when I first met this girl. She was beautiful, funny and sweet. Everything moved at an alarmingly fast pace but I was okay with this. She'd write me cards and make me bracelets, even though she was busy with work.

 One day, her parents kicked her out of her apartment and she moved in with me after 2 months. I thought this was a temporary thing but as it progressed, I actually enjoyed it. This was the first time a girlfriend had moved with me and, in a way, it made me feel more grown up.  Seeing the girl you were crazy about everyday was a blessing. 

On my 25th birthday, she surprised me and at a bar with all my friends. This was the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me. I was speechless and when I could say anything, I told her I loved her. She laughed and said, " You said it first! I love you too!" I then ruined it by proceeding to get horribly drunk and vomiting by 12 am. Classy guy. 

Further down the line, she got into an argument with my house mates who thought she was taking advantage of their kindness by letting her stay. I tried to step in but to no avail and she left. After that, it was just problem after problem.

One day, she texted me and told me we weren't clicking anymore and she didn't love me the way she used to be. I was crushed. What made it worse was that my friend saw her with another man 2 days later. I blamed myself for not doing right by her but I never knew if she cheated on me before then.  

Created: May 21, 2017


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