Can't Break Her

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I made this beat and went looking for some vocals to sample from @Moriah96 's sample library challenge which is awesome so def check that out and remix some of those lovely vocals. i was also inspired by her vocals and wanted to try to rap something so i found this great poem by @hannahbee title "skinned" and i reworked it into a rap.


Every touch a bruise

and every brush a scrape

her skin is so fragile

she can feel it to the bone

but she'd rather be with me

than be left out on her own

and as i grab her ribs

shatter crack and break

girl i gave you all my soul

now theres nothing left to take

i look at her my heart split in two

knowing everything I've done

Ive always done for you

key of E minor

Some kinda 80 BPM idk things got sketchy with the drums

Created: May 21, 2017


kaleblybecker Audio Media