How it happened

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To cheat is to lie, we often say
We think we understand why things went that way
But the truth behind some cheating is quaint
It wasn't supposed to end this way

For two years, I poured my heart to you
I let you pull me down a path anew
But it wasn't a road, but a dark hole
I was trapped wth your broken soul

You refused help, you kept your pride
I held onto my little light
I shared it with you, I starting fading
I thought this was my tragic ending

But life put me across the ocean
We new people and a solid notion
That none were to be trusted and I
Well, my spirit was to be busted

The sorrow of being apart from you
Brought more darkness and I drank to you
To your broken mind and tainted soul
That had almost swallowed me whole

I met a friend I long kept away
For my feelings for him were simmering at bay
Life propped us together and soon it happened
The night that made us happy, yet saddened

We used to love others, but it would seem
That we finally found happiness, we were meant to be
So we broken other hearts and stayed together
We sure do hope it lasts forever

For a great while we were guilty
Of causing pain, ever so plenty
But I was free of your dark curse
You may not have meant it, but it did its worst

I am now happy, more stable and sure
That everything that I have endured
Was worth it for that brief time
But now it's for happiness, particularly mine

Created: May 20, 2017


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