Red Riding Hood

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While Red Riding Hood is going to the forest, visiting her grandma

She held a basket of food

While in the forest, she finds a wolf preying her

While the wolf stop, he asked, "Where are you going little girl?"

Red Riding Hood reply, "I'm going to grandma's house, she's feeling ill"

While the wolf is going to grandma's house

The wolf have sexual assaults grandma to the knee, it was the verbalize thing

The wolf had sex with her several times leading into kryptonite

Then grandma is very discourage on the sex, so she is eager to have sex with the wolf again

With the intense sex that she never had, it began to be very overwhelming

The wolf tries to ease up with her, then the wolf got tired

While Red Riding Hood has come home, the wolf maintain having sex with her also

They both have sexual fondest to each other that Red Riding Hood started to ease up a bit

Nonetheless, its a rhetorical way to pursue its a menace to have  

Created: May 20, 2017


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