Blues I'm Playing

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Sometimes I wish I were dead,
I know it's all in my head.
Everything just goes red,
hiding from the Feds.
Niggah I just need my med's,
like Ed, Edd, and Eddy I need my jawbreakers.
God fearing man I am,
still a mother fucking lawbreaker.
Wish I had a Bonnie 'cause rite now I'm just a Clyde with out her.
Probably end up just like them.
Ain't no one in this life ride or die for 'em,
just remember you still owe 'em!
Mother fucker Uncle Sam don't play ,
and Johnny Law always wins;
so repent for your sins!
Bitch where the fuck have you been?
The rapture has been said to be coming,
from your love I am running.
No one has to die today,
so baby I must fly away.
To you all I have to say is goodbye,
your love was just a lie.
What's wrong with this sad twisted dark fucked up world we live in?
Everyone is living in sin.
Adam and Eve lived where we should have been.
Back in the Garden of Eden was where I met you.
You told me you loved me as you bit the apple,
then told me to proclaim my love and bite it.
Fuck you!
Why didn't I fight it?
Should have looked for my heart at the start,
might have ignited it rite before you see the light as you take flight while my heart burns so bright as it burns
for you my soul yearns.
No rewards, no resource.
Just the force of my heart and my soul.
This is the caption to my mind, and the subtitles to my soul.
Don't resist it, don't fight it; just go with it.
This is the blues I'm playing 'cause my nights are so cold and lonely.
Cause you and I were made of glass, we'd never last.
Your love for me was a lie, just wanted me to die.
I couldn't just let it fly.
We were supposed to be ride or die.
Now this is the blues I'm playing and our nights are so cold and lonely.
Except unlike you I never lied,
could have sworn to me you were tied.
Didn't know you never even tried.
Now this is the blues I'm playing,
and now my nights are so cold and lonely.

Created: May 20, 2017


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