The Nile river

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I am told that I have no choice....... but to leave.

Still I chose

I chose you.

I chose your lie

I chose your cheating

I chose each moment when you was falling in love with her........

I chose to put my body on the sharpest blade. Not All at once.......

Each day......each night.

I chose......when she hold the hot mug of tea, with your head leap on a woman, who is in love with the man once I loved.

And then I imagine your entire body on her body, HER body.

And all at once I die.

I wonder then when the Nile river flew splitting the earth. Did it hurt the Earth?

Is the pain beauty? Why people travel to see the Nile river to see how the earth was split open?

Is there a needle that could suck out the pain?

Is there a blanket that can cover the memories like it's dead?

But hey what can the Devil take from you when all you own is in just memories?

Created: May 20, 2017


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