Jabberwocky retell: Hell Caught Dog

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*Inspired by "Wonder Land" to try my hand at some Lewis Carroll nonsense.  The last verse is also supposed to be the first verse - in the original it's all nonsense words, and in mine it didn't make sense to go first and last, so it's only last.

"Yes! Fear the Hell Caught Dog, my son!

Such teeth that tear, such death grip hand!

Yes! Fear the Weird Dark, and be done

With Dream-Beat blood-bit land.”

He took his fire-sound point in hand;

Long time a-watch for Shadows hard –

So stop did he by the Up Up tree

And stand with thought on guard.

And, as in deep thick thought he stood,

The Hell Caught Dog, with eyes of fire,

Came slow-foot through the grey green wood

Each breath a groan entire!

One, two! One, two! And through and through

The fire-sound point went flash-quick-crack!

He left it dead, and with its head

He went full force fast, back.

“The Hell Caught Dog, dead, by your hand?

Come to my arms, beautiful boy!

Oh Happy Day! Blush-bright! Glad-cry!”

A bell-best giggle noise.

All big-better, and the safe-trust dears

Did burst to dance the day to night.

All fear-clear, all music-full ears,

And the stars’ calm, still, light.

Created: May 20, 2017

Tags: poem, jabberwocky retell, 1000 common words, lewis carroll, wwc 128

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