The boy with the burning sky flash cut and the Fill-Use-A-For's Rock

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*A story told using only the 1000 most common English words*

     Once there was a boy with a cut on his head that looked like a burning sky flash. His parents were killed when he was a baby by a bad guy named Fly Of Death. The boy was the only person to live through an attack by Fly Of Death. An old teacher called Stupid Large Animal Door sent the boy to live with his uncle and aunt.

     When the boy turned ten and one, a big man came and told him he would go to an old school in a far away place. He was excited to go because his uncle, aunt and their son were mean.

     First they went to a hidden street to buy stuff. The big man let him buy a flying night animal. He called it Head Hair.

    Then they went to a train place where the boy was sent away. On the train the boy met a boy with red hair and a girl who knew a lot.

     When they got to the old school they met all their teachers. There was Mean Black Hair, Cat Lady, Big Head Wrap and more. Talking head clothes put the new kids into houses. The boy with the burning sky flash cut was put in Not Scared of Bad Things house. So were his friends.

     He starts his classes. He doesn't like Weird Drinks class because Mean Black Hair, the teacher, doesn't like him. He does like flying class because he's good at it. He joins the school's flying team.

     When his friends and he are looking around the school, they find a room where a door is being covered by a big dog with three heads. They find out from the big man that the room has a rock in it that will let you live for ever. It's called the Fill-Use-A-For's Rock. They think that Mean Black Hair is trying to get the rock - maybe he's working for Fly Of Death!

     Stupid Large Animal Door has to leave the school. The boy with the burning sky flash cut think the reason was made up to make Stupid Large Animal Door leave. He and his friends go to the room with the three headed dog. The door is open! They are sure this means that Mean Black Hair has started to search through the other room for the Fill-Use-A-For's Rock. They go into the room too.

     First they have to catch a flying key to get through a door. Then they have to play a game of Large Horses and Attack Guys. Then the girl who knows a lot helps them pass a wall of fire with a Weird Drink. But only the boy with the burning sky flash cut gets through. He finds out that it wasn't Mean Black Hair who was trying to get the Fill-Use-A-For's Rock at all - it was Big Head Wrap all along! Big Head Wrap takes off his head wrap and shows the boy that Fly Of Death has been living on his head! But the boy has the power of love and he kills Big Head Wrap. Fly Of Death escapes!

     Later, Stupid Large Animal Door decides to break the Fill-Use-A-For's Rock so no more bad guys try to get it.

     That's just the first bad guy the boy with the burning sky flash cut kills. He has lots more things happen to him. 


How I Came Up With Some Of The Characters' Names:

*Fly Of Death = Voldemort. In French, Voldemort literally translates to Flight of Death. So that's what I used for his name, since Voldemort sure as hell wasn't one of the top 1000 most used words.

*Stupid Large Animal Door = Dumbledore. Dumb Bull Door. 

*Mean Black Hair, Cat Lady, Big Head Wrap = Snape, Mcgonagall, Quirrell. These names just describe some of the character's physical attributes.

Created: May 20, 2017

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