It’s Never Lonely Up Here

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It’s Never Lonely Up Here

by, Melissa R. Mendelson

A little boy looked up at the sky

and saw that the moon was sad.

“Why are you sad,” he asked,

and the moon sighed in reply.

“Because the stars are leaving me.

They’re going far, far away.

I shined my brightest,

but they refused to stay.”

“Can’t you change their minds,”

the little boy asked.

“I tried,” the moon cried,

“but my efforts didn’t last.

And now I’m all alone,

up here above the world,

and all that light that I have shone

is fading fast.”

“But you’re not alone,”

the little boy said.

“You have me,

and I’ll be your star

in the Milky Way Sea.”

“For now,”

the moon replied,

“but there will come a day,

where you will leave me.”

“No, I won’t,”

and the little boy touched the moon’s face.

“You are my friend,

and our friendship I would not waste.”

So for several nights and several years,

the little boy awoke and washed away

the moon’s tears,

and on great adventures did they go.

And to this day, that little boy

was the best friend that the moon would

ever know.  

Created: May 19, 2017

Tags: moon, child, sadness, dreams, stars, adventure, friendship

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