Enigma's Of A Lost World

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As I sat by the river, I became entranced by its surface, gently carrying the reflection of the moon. Above its radiant light was an eerie darkness that penetrated all other surroundings. Beyond the water, the trees form a darkened pillar, keeping the sounds of the city as bay. An unnatural hum of night shifts, factories, trucks grinding the interstate, roaring of the steel beasts crushing the old cars in the junkyard under metal fangs.

The painful symphony of city life began to vanish in the mist and only dying echoes can be heard now. It was a magical, clear summer night and animals are out hunting and scavenging for food, continuing on their simple daily survival. From a far I can see the luminous eyes of the animals lurking as they drink from the rivers elixir of life, to quench their thirst. These factors were like ingredients from a warlock's potion waiting to be cast on everyone who dares to sit beside the river in that time of night.

Suddenly, I was taken from this world to another dimension were imagination dwells and magic reigns, where all the creatures are equal and where all have wings to fly freely into the vast skies. It was a world of the mystical and endless possibility. As the mist devouring the night and as I flew free with no bounding, baggage, or gravity to keep me nailed to the ground.

I flew pass the forest and saw a horrific sight, clashing armies fighting near a city, a full blood bath. Rivers of blood flowed beneath the feet of the soldiers the thundering sound of their swords contacting relentlessly and war cries filled my heart with horror and I start to tremble at the scene.

My curiosity drove me to see what were they fighting for, what could possibly justify the murderous battle? I saw a city protected by an immense tower, it was nearly touching the skies and when I started getting closer I realized that it was all built from human skulls. A foundation made of past victories afforded by slaughter. I began to fly higher until I reached the top of the tower, I stood at it gasping for air but if surprised that all around the top of the tower there was only flowers planted into the skulls, alive and thriving, as if there was a gardener looking after them and arousing them with water everyday.

I went passed the top and started my descent to the city. Yet when I glimpsed the earth, I was staggered by a terrible sight. All the city was ruins and rubble. It was odd that all these soldiers outside that city were fighting and dying for a destroyed city, desolate and void of any value. I started to walk between the destroyed houses and shadows of the past. I began to hear the laughter of  children playing, sounds of merchants and people walking, it sounded like I was passing through a "souk" 2000 years ago, but it was all sounds from a haunted past.

I finally reached the center of the city and saw a fountain of water flowing out of a well with an astonishing power so much that it almost touched the sky. Yet soon I saw it again, a dying city. That well was the only living site in that dead city, and strange enough when I reached the well I noticed writings carved on its walls it said, "muted are the roses at the sight of the blood, spilling down on the ground, sad are the leaves as they fall hopelessly over the dead bodies, and pale are the faces of people mourning there lost loved ones". These words made me shiver in my bones; it was too absurd for me to understand.

I began to leave the city and I felt like a part of me had died in there; As I continued my flight into the sky, I reached for a black cloud hanging still in middle air. It was blocking my way, I had no choice but to fly right inside it. The moment I entered the cloud, I felt some kind of a chill and a shiver ran down my spine, I felt frigid and lonely. I was very afraid to come forward but there was no turning back. The cloud had devoured me to its womb, to a dark world. I looked under me and I saw a castle standing on top of a mountain, and a weird force began to pull me under. So I started to come closer and closer until I was standing at this huge door, it had a door handle shaped like a strange star I reached my hand to knock at the door but then it began to slowly open by itself.

Finally, I entered the castle it was all pitch black and I kept walking not knowing where I was heading.I was moved by a mystical force, this force took me all around the castle until we reached a wall filled with pictures of people  on fire but not burning. From behind the wall I could hear fading cries and screams begging for help but at the same time I was able to distinguish a voice among the screams because it was the only voice that was laughing. His laughs were very malignant and they started to get higher and higher, until I couldn't stand it anymore so I started to shout at him to stop. Nothing happened, he kept laughing and laughing.

Suddenly something pulled me up and I found myself out of that cloud sitting on a golden chair surrounded by white and then I heard a far, clear, strong voice say to me: "Son, this is I, thou shall not be afraid."

Created: May 19, 2017


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