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Sitting on a rocking chair enjoying the morning drinking coffee.   The sun is now just above the tree line in the distance.   It is quiet and pleasing to hear only nature sounds.   Your friend calls out to you from the kitchen asking if you need more coffee. 

You get up and go inside.   

Returning to the porch a few minutes later, with you cup topped off, you relax in the rocker.   Take a sip, put the cup down and close your eyes.   Listening closely to all the soothing sounds, suddenly you hear a SNORT!  You quickly open your eyes and see this huge bull standing on the porch just a few feet away from you. 

Speachless for all other words, you squeak out BULL.

Your friend now standing at the screen door.   He smiled, and with a chuckle, he said don’t mind him.

Ben visits daily.  Here comes his owner.  An old pickup truck coming up the dirt road slows down as it approached the front yard.  A teenager hangs out the passenger window and whistles.  He whistles again and Ben moves towards the road.  The bull followed  the truck down the road towards his home.

What an experience being introduced to a neighboring bull.

Created: May 19, 2017


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