The Man, the Fish, the Wife, the Wish

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There once was a man who would catch food in the water. He had little money who lived with his wife in a tiny home. One day the man catches an animal in the water, which says it can do works that amaze and asks to be set free. The man was nice and set him free. When his wife hears his story she says he should have had the animal show his amazing work and ask it for a nice house. The man returns to the water but is a bit sad when he finds that the water is not as nice and clear. He makes up a words that sound the same at the end of each line to call the animal and it gives him what his wife asked. The man is happy but his wife is not. She wants more. She wants the animal to make her nice man the top man of everyone in the land. He is sad but goes back to the animal and it gives him what his wife asks. The animal does as asked. Each time the wife asks for more and each time the animal does as asked. The man knows it is not good but he can't make his wife stop. He is happy and doesn't want to make the animal sad or mad but she wants more and doesn't care about it. All the time she gets what she wants the water the animal lives in is getting darker and moving stronger. Of course as people always do, the wife ends up going too far and asking for something too big and stupid, to be able to tell the sun and everything else in the sky what to do and be the same as God. When that final wish is made, the animal takes back all the wishes, and returns the man and his wife to their tiny home. After he does that the water calms down and goes back to normal.

Created: May 19, 2017


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