Liking What You Are & Not Liking Others For What They Are

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A girl does not like a guy who does not like her back. He has a lot of money.

A second guy comes along and she likes him and he likes her back but he has no money and he likes to lie.

A third guy comes and likes her but she hates him because he is stupid so he marries her best friend. He has some money.

The first guy with the money changes his mind and thinks he likes her but she still does not like him back.

Then the second guy who liked her and who she liked back marries her sister. He still has no money but the guy who first did not like the girl and then changed his mind helps him out.

Now the girl who first did not like the guy with the lot of money changes her mind and likes the guy but she does not know if he still likes her back.

He does. They marry.

She has another sister who likes a guy who likes her back. He also has a lot of money but not as much as the guy who first did not like the girl who did not like him back but then changed his mind and paid out so that second guy who liked to lie could marry the sister which made the girl change her mind. They also marry.

Simple answer: Girls marry guys with lots of money and if they don't like them first they wait until he pays for her sister getting married to their old love interests.

Created: May 19, 2017

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