She's Got It

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She watches herself

As her fingers reach for the white ball

A miscued hit

Lends a hand to an ailing duchess

Its no mere coincidence

That now the ball sits at rest

On the palm of her hand.

"I need a closer look

This game has my attention

A shame to be stuck with inertia

Curse the pipe that took my legs

I thrust my hands

And cast the gesture of a lighter

Someone is watching

Stealing a glance


Of playing God with folly angels

This cigarette won't light itself

Find a peg and follow your gumption"

I observe

She goes for the settlement of doubt

Reaching gracefully to her companion

Beckoning the question

What to do next.

Gracious he was on hints

But cheap on specifics.

Such is the unwritten word

Absent in mind

Conscious in the experience and interdependent of reality.

For the woman had it in her grasp

And need not focus on her fear

But rather knowing what you know

Because the unknown will illuminate

In the getting to re- member

What you already know.

Created: May 18, 2017


Huios Document Media