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Logline: Sometimes little moments can have a big impact on a person's life. Sometimes it's those little moments that count the most.

Concept: The story gets a short glimpse of an older lady trying to get her mail at the community mail box. She seems to have difficulty and we find that she suffers from Alzheimer's. A young guy discovers this and demonstrates compassion and creativity while helping her out in a longer lasting way.

It's a piece not only focusing on Alzheimer's like a PSA would, I intended it for it to reflect just the challenges of getting older, but to demonstrate how easy it is to bridge that ever present generation gap with simple considered kindness.

None of the characters are set in stone -

The story came to me on my way into work one day - and I finally put it to paper (badly) but I did it... lol

I hoped that you awesome folks could give me a hand and build a few needed bridges =o)

Created: May 18, 2017

Tags: alzheimers, awareness, kindness, helping, confusion, humanity, animated, short, mailbox, mail, key

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