Unspoken Smiles

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I gaze at you through half-lidded eyes

and marvel at your presence

your very proximity


I’m still surprised to see you when I look up

to see you here with me

to know you’re here because of me



as if you feel my stare

you turn

and smile

a smile meant for me alone


and I smile back

I can’t help but smile back


the rest of the world ceases to exist in this moment

in your smile

in your eyes

now there is only me

and only you


you stand and walk toward me

leaving your place by the window

leaving that other world behind you

as you reach me you fall into my arms


you belong here

have always belonged here


gently you press your lips to mine

I can still feel your smile

as I breathe you into me

all of you


we become one being as we tangle in the sheets

as we tangle in each other

a mass of arms



teeth crashing into each other

the waves of our lust breaking over each other


and then it is calm

and strands of my hair are caught in your hand

the smile back on your lips

mirrored on my own


I want this moment to last forever

to withstand time itself

I search your face for hope

for reassurance that this is real


instead I see myself

reflected back in your pale green eyes

and I know that I am a part of you

as you are a part of me


you brush your fingers across my cheek

whisper, “I love you” in my ear

and as you lightly kiss my eyelids closed

I know that we will survive

our love flowing through eternity

floating on the tides of time

Created: Jan 26, 2011


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